Name: Garry Ragsdale

Position: Senior Pastor

Contact Info:


How I met my spouse: High School Sweethearts


Spiritual Gifts: Evangelism, Pastor/Teacher


Education: Oxford High School, Luther Rice Seminary, Covington Seminary


How I came to Mt Zion: Feb 1989 - Pastor


How I spend my free time: Hunting, Fishing, and Gardening


Most powerful Christian book I’ve read: In A Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day


What I value most: Evangelism – To seek and save the Lost


How I became a Christian: Later in life I discovered my previous decision did not involve the sinners prayer. So I made a Profession of Faith and was baptized.


Name: Marc West

Position: Worship Pastor

Contact Info:


Born Where: Anniston, AL


How I met my spouse:  We met through a mutual friend. She walked in to my grandmothers house, and the rest is history.


Spiritual Gifts:  Worship, discernment, teaching


How I came to Mt Zion:  After God saved me, I was visited by brother Garry and we started visiting the church, and have been here ever since. 


What I value most:  Hope in Christ and my family


How I became a Christian:  I was a musician playing bars and clubs hoping to get a record deal, while my family was on the verge of falling apart. While I was doing my thing, my family started going to church. My son started going to church with his grandmother and then my wife followed suit. I was never one that was going to be a hypocrite, playing in bars at night and go to church on Sunday. I knew enough about the Bible to know that was wrong and I was not going to do that. You see, I made a profession when I was about 15 and I tried to change who I was but it never worked. I wasn't saved. I became a border line alcoholic and was so consumed with self, that I just lived for each moment, abusing every relationship I had. That went on until I was 26. I had a friend from work who would talk to me about Jesus all of the time, and that made me start having questions. I thought I knew all of the answers he wanted to hear. In the mean time, I had people praying for me, some I didn't even know. Out of nowhere my best friend from childhood called me and asked me to go to a men's conference, reluctantly I said yes. I went and the people were nice, I thought it was a little weird, but everyone was nice to me , even though I had an eyebrow ring and large earrings in my ears. I listened to what brother Garry said and let it sink in. God really started to open my eyes to things. That Monday night after the men's conference, God saved me. Radically saved me. There was no more doubting, no more wondering, true heart change! I have never been the same since that day. 


Name: Craig Reynolds

Position: Associate Pastor/Minister of Education

Contact Information: 256-820-3931 ext. 105


Born Where: Anniston, AL


How I Met My Spouse: We met in high school and have been together since. We were married in 1997.


Spiritual Gifts: Teaching/Preaching, and Encouragement


Education: High School: Alexandria (1995), Undergrad Degree: Troy State University (2004), Master of Divinity: New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (2009), Doctor of Ministry: Talbot School of Theology (Biola University) (2014)


How I Came to Mt. Zion: I grew up here until I was twenty years old. After serving in youth ministry for a while then pastoring for twelve years I returned here to serve in September of 2015.


What I Value Most: God, Family, and Church


How I Became a Christian: I was one of those who was blessed enough to grow up in and around church. But when I was sixteen years old, I heard the gospel differently than before. It made sense to me and so I asked Jesus to save me. After some stumbling, God began to grow me and use me for His work. Since then I have been on a path to know Him better and lead my family toward Him as well.


Name: Jeremy Tuiolosega

Position: Senior High Youth Pastor

Contact Info: 256-312-9226 |


Born Where: Anniston, AL


How I met my spouse: God brought Nikki and I together on a blind date through our mutual friends that had introduced us and we’ve been together ever since.


Spiritual Gifts: Evangelism/Teaching/Exhortation


Education: I recently transferred from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary to Luther Rice Seminary, where I am currently in the process of obtaining my BA in Religion/Apologetics.


How I came to Mt Zion: My wife and I were looking for a home church after getting married and we were told about a church that once we visited, we wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. It was true.


What I value most: Apart from Christ, my wife and children.


How I became a Christian: When I was 22 years old and was delivering parts to a heat treating plant in Pinson Valley, AL God began to heavily convict me of the life I was living. On the way, I turned on the radio and I heard a pastor preaching about salvation in Christ. Through a realization of what a relationship with Christ actually consists of and a realization of the lack of any change in my life, God spoke directly to the heart of me, showing me that I was utterly lost. I honestly confronted the fact that if I was to wreck on that road, that I would die and not enter into Heaven. I had always thought that I got saved when I was 12 years old at a judgment house, but as I looked back at the fruit of my life, I recognized that there was no presence of any kind of personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I realized that I only knew about Christ, but I didn’t know Him personally. That day I asked Christ to come into my heart and be my Lord and Savior, and I’ve never been the same since.

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Name: Greg Ragsdale

Position: Junior High Youth Pastor

Contact Info:


How I met my spouse: Family member introduced us.


Spiritual Gifts: Faith, discernment, teacher


Education: Alexandria High School, Jacksonville State University, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary


How I came to Mount Zion: My dad became pastor in 1989. After serving on staff at several other churches, I returned to my home church in 2011.


How I spend my free time: Hunting, Golf, and spending time with my wife and three kids.


Most powerful Christian book: Attributes of God - A.W. Tozer


What I value most: My families Faith.


How I became a Christian: After the death of my grandfather when I was in the 6th grade I really began to question what happens when we die. After months of asking questions while I was at youth camp in Panama City, I realized my need for salvation and gave my heart and life to Christ.


Name: Rodney Gardner

Position: Minister to Single Adults

Contact Info:


Born Where: Memphis, Tn


How I met my spouse: I had been a Christian for about a year and praying that God would bring some one special into my life and He did. A friend of mine, Mickey, introduced us one Sunday morning at Greenbrier Road Baptist church. Donna is an amazing women, wife and mother and I am blessed to call her mine. We have been married for 22 glorious years.


Spiritual Gifts: Exhortation, Service, Helps


Education: Jacksonville State University


What I value most: My relationship with God and Family


How I became a Christian: I was divorced after nine years of marriage and decided to go to church. I went to Greenbrier Road Baptist church filled out a visitor’s card. On Monday they left a door hanger, Tuesday I received a letter in the mail, and Wednesday they were knocking on my door and I invited them in. As a thirty year old adult I heard for the first time that I was separated from God and needed a Savior. On this date I placed my trust in the Lord Jesus and I have never been the same.


Name: Coretta Askew Pearson

Position: Nursery Director

Contact Info:


Born Where: Anniston, AL


How I met my spouse: Coming Soon!


Spiritual Gifts: 




How I spend my free time: 


How I became a Christian: 


Name: Jennifer Harmon

Position: Children's Administrator

Contact Info:


Born Where: Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri


How I met my spouse: Ryan and I were set up by mutual friends and agreed to meet at the Cracker Barrel in Oxford, AL. As we talked we both discovered that a different set of friends had tried to set us up about six years prior to us actually agreeing to meet each other. It has been a thrill to see how God works and uses people in our lives to work in His timing. It was well worth the wait!


Spiritual Gifts: Mercy & Exhortation


Education: BA in Christian Ministry from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Currently working on a Master's in School Counseling at Jacksonville State University


How I came to Mt Zion: I grew up in church, here at Mt. Zion. I felt the Lord leading me to serve in ministry full- time around age 18 or so. I attended New Orleans Seminary to further explore vocational ministry and that eventually led me back to Mt. Zion serving in the Children's ministry full-time.


What I value most: My relationship with Jesus, my family and my church family.


How I became a Christian: I was raised in a Christian home. My mother took us to church whether my brother and I wanted to go or not! At the age of 15, after a revival service I spoke with my youth minister's wife, I prayed and asked Jesus to be my Savior & Lord.


Name: Danielle Thomas

Position: Preschool Director

Contact Info:


Born Where: Anniston, AL


How I met my spouse: Coming Soon!


Spiritual Gifts: 




How I spend my free time: 


How I became a Christian: 


Name: Bridget Ramsey

Position: Financial Administrator

Contact Info:


Born Where: 


Spiritual Gifts: 




How I came to Mt Zion: 


What I value most:

How I became a Christian: